book-1181637These are books of Poetry and Prose that have been produced by Pens members either as a collective or as individuals. We offer the opportunity to follow the links to obtain them.

Production Front CoverPens of Erdington : Anthology One

This is our first collection of members work and includes a wide range of subjects and writing styles from short stories to meaningful poetry to things that will give you just a good chuckle.

Available from:

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CHORESPens of Erdington: Chores – the truth about housework

This little book contains poetry and prose about housework by writers in the Pens of Erdington creative writers group based in Birmingham.

Available from:

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Tree House Boys CoverAnne Cullen :
The Tree House Boys

‘The Tree House Boys’ is based on two young boys, Liam and Brendan who discover the mischievous tree house and Jon and Pete, two brothers who live in the woods.
There are five stories:
The first one Chocolate, is about a visit to Granny’s house, she lives across the field and always treats the boys. It is during one of these visits that Liam and Brendan discover the tree house boys. A story of making friends.
Marbles is the second story. The tree house boys have to call on their magic in this story and learn how to share.
Wandah is a magic fish she is a friend of Jon and Pete’s and saves Pete when he falls into the stream. He learns to do as mum tells him.
Tew is a talking dog who helps save Pete by pulling Liam and Brendan towards the stream.
Liam’s Birthday features in the final story and what fun goes on there.
All the stories are about learning.

Available from: Click on the link lulu_logo_retina


All of me cover front2Anne Cullen : All of Me

Ann Cullen is a poet and short story writer, ‘All of Me’ is her third book to be published. It is a book of powerful and passionate poetry and prose. The stories relating to King Offa, Anglo-Saxon King and Emperor Charlemagne of the 8th c. are also available to read at the Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum. Most of the poems have been published in anthologies and in the local press but are bought together here for your reading pleasure.

Available from: Click on the link lulu_logo_retina


Deceit and Settling in the WestAnn Cullen : Deceit and Settling in the West

Settling in the West is a story of three young Birmingham girls. Two of them living in the West of Ireland. Kate, the youngest of the girls moved to County Galway to be near her older sister Mary who was married to Tom. They had three children. Kate misses her sister and feels that Mary needs support after she receives a letter from her saying Tom was in the nursing home… again. Sean came to Kate’s assistance when she had a car accident, whilst driving through Galway. They fell in love, married and had a child. Kate desperately wanted to settle down in the beautiful countryside of the West but superstitions and myths unsettled and disturbed her. Sean realised that he was in danger of losing his family, home and way of life. Sarah was the middle sister. She only ever yearned to marry and settle down in Birmingham with Joe her childhood sweetheart, in spite of mom’s disapproval. Deceit is a turbulent love story full of twists, turns, murder and deceit. Did Dr Burrows murder his wife or is Det. Fisher setting him up? Fisher is besotted with Martha who is the childhood sweetheart of Dr Burrows.

Available from: Birmingham libraries &
Click on the link Amazonuk

Cook Book Cover FrontAnne Cullen : A Taste of Ireland

For a chance to taste the real flavours of Irish cooking, there are none better than these in this fascinating and mouth-watering collection of traditional recipes from Ann’s native Ireland.

This revised 2015 edition of A Taste of Ireland is available from Birmingham Libraries or for sale direct from Ann Cullen at

AMC_coverDavid Rollason : A Modern Creation

‘A Modern Creation’ is based on well-known stories from the Christian Bible.

It came about by a chance comment from a friend of mine who found that, as a teacher in a fast-moving modern society, how difficult it is sometimes to engage people in the language and format of the original or at least translated versions of even the most modern editions of the bible.

This is my alternative and creative look at what might have happened to the characters set in a different society and time.

Available from:                          Click on the link to go directly therelulu_logo_retina

14145928_coversmallDavid Rollason : A Fruit Cake Just Exploded

Writing this account came about from a well-meant if innocuous off-hand comment that many of us have made at some time or other; ‘you should write a book’. But, attempting to do it has actually proved to
be a vital form of closure of one part of, let us just say an interesting life; hopefully it will open a new door or perhaps even two into a better one. However long it has left to go, no one will ever be able to say that
my life was a dull one. From all of the roller coaster events in this mémoire,
my one hope is that it shows how it is possible to work through many difficulties and come out the other side; definitely changed and hopefully better.
Over-riding all the personal aspects, I hope that it may be seen as a warning or perhaps a guide for anyone else that has been through, is still participating in or even sees themselves heading for the ill perceived glamour of similar life choices.

Warning: Contains adult themes that may offend.

Available from:                         Click on the link to go directly therelulu_logo_retina


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