Lynne’s writing

LynneMs Lynne Diane Holland (BAHons Creative Writing) The University of Birmingham 2003-2009.
Born 21 September 1946 Lichfield City Staffs
Singleton, Twice Divorced
Faith: Christian Church of Christ Evangelical/CofE
Lifelong Scribbler but finally Computer Literate.
Favourite writing  genres: Historic Faction Saxon Britain, Georgian Period, Louisiana Native American Epic Dynasty Trilogy, WW1, WW2 fictional and faction stories.
Famous Historic Politicians: William Wilberforce, Adolf Hitler.

Magic Realism: modern fiction making the ordinary extraordinary,
Thrillers: Psychopathic Murderers.
Childrens’ fiction: Adventure stories, modern-day fairy stories, ‘Diary of a Mongrel’ doggy fiction fantasy.
Many short stories of various genres
Poetry genres: Comic, historic, tragic, heroic, manic.
Hobbies: Digital Photography, ITC, singing, socialising, lifelong learning.
Loves: Nature, travel, animals, people, churches, history, TV, Movies, ITC Technology.
Hates: War and Injustice.
Political aspirations changeable.

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