Karen’s writing

Karen_CSmall, dark with a morbid sense of humour, I have a gleeful fascination with the darker aspects of the human condition. Seeing everything through the twisted myopic eyes of an eternal pessimist, able to laugh at the dichotomy that is life. Living confirmation that the Chinese curse:
‘may you live in interesting times’ – is truly a curse.
Writing children’s stories that out-grim the Grimm’s with blood, gore and the occasional dead fairy. Emotional, fiery and forever laughing at the shit that is perpetually, continuously, irrevocably hitting the fan.
Marching blindly to a different drummer, out of step, off beat and totally clueless. Stumbling into tomorrow, shackled to the demons of the past like a shambling zombie in a ‘B’ movie. Producing writing that is the result of a twisted kaleidoscope of fractured emotions and hysteria….   Come read me.

Microsoft Meltdown

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