Irene’s writing

IreneI was born in 1936, I lost a lot of schooling through ill-health before Secondary Modern senior school then worked in a bookshop at 15. From 17 ½ yrs till my retirement I did a variety of jobs also doing 2 years of Negotiated Studies in Art & Design at 52 my writing has been for my own pleasure, poetry short stories, articles one of which was published in Saga Magazine & a poem in Woman’s Realm all of the rest, about 100 were published by Poetry Guild, Rivacre Press, Poetry Council, Sunday Mercury, Arriva l Press, Cremer Press, International Library of Poetry, Anchor Books, Forward Press & Triumph House & with Pens. I have started my life story & got up to my 1st Marriage of 25 yrs. Since then I have written holiday diaries as I have travelled abroad since my divorce then later re-married & considered writing the story of my travels. My ambition is to have a short story published.

Read some of my writing:

The Other One                            Look Up in Birmingham

Coincidence                                 The Journey to Altafula

A Long Way Down                     Paradise Not Forgotten

In the Park                                  War No More

King Richard III

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