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mom - miss daisy!From an early age I wanted to write.  I remember at the age of seven I wrote a poem and had to read it out in the school assembly.  I studied shorthand and typing at Aston Technical College.  In my teens I worked as a shorthand typist for an engineering company.

I met my husband at the age of 17, got married at 20 and started a family at 21. When my children grew up I found myself working at The Birmingham Post & Mail as a copytaker. I worked there for 22 years. I wrote many theatre reviews, holiday reviews, short stories (all published) before studying creative writing at Birmingham University. When the Uni  told me I was a published poet, I was truly amazed.

I wrote a cookery book, this is available in the Birmingham public libraries.  I also wrote a book of short stories which is available on Amazon. I have had many short stories and poems published in anthologies and am currently writing a novel.

I have recently written  two short stories and a riddle  for The Staffordshire Hoard exhibition and had my picture and work displayed in the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

Read some of my writing:

The Ghostly Trenches                    The Traveller

Variation of William Blake’s Laughing Song

Garden of Tranquility                    Household Drudgery

Hi MAC                                            Phantom

The Wedding Dress                       A Walk in the Park

The Journey                                    A Short Trip

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  1. Hi Ann, I have just read your story ‘Phantom’ about the history of Kingstanding and that a battlefield may have been on the site. I did not know that! I do of course know about the history of King Charles 1 standing on a barrow (an ancient burial mound that is marked on the hill by a sycamore tree) where he viewed his troops that were garrisoned in the valley below. And that Kingstanding got its name from that historic event. There are very few people left alive living in Kingstanding who know that. Your experience of hearing unaccountable footsteps on the stairs when living in the house in Dulwich Road; and your children’s account of seeing a woman and a boy who appeared to float along the floor. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. So many of your stories and poems touch on the supernatural and are so very well crafted. I really admire your work.
    With best wishes Lynne Holland X!

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