Meetings Schedule 2019

Meetings are on Tuesdays, from 1.00 until 3.00 pm unless otherwise announced. Please use the side entrance to the Community Room 
remembering that the Library is closed between 1.00 and 2.00 pm

Pens Programme of Meetings 2019

15 January Workshop by Jan Watts – What makes you write, setting a goal
29 January Reflections of Jan’s Workshop plus general sharing
05 February Discussion on New Projects and sharing advice
19 February AGM plus general sharing of work
05 March Sharing extracts from books, your own or your favourite
19 March Planning a Group project – anthology of short stories
02 April General Sharing – Spring plus any other work
16 April Make up a New Word and use it in a piece of writing, plus General Sharing
07 May Sharing of work – theme May Day
21 May Use one suggested Last Sentence in a piece of writing, plus General Sharing
04 June General Sharing – theme ‘Summer’
18 June Short Stories with critique for the Anthology plus General Sharing
02 July Details and suggestions for the Outing plus General Sharing
16 July Pens Annual Outing – Gloucester (fully booked)
06 August Sharing work inspired by Annual Outing plus General Sharing
20 August Catch-up on Anthology short stories – Deadline 03 September
03 September General Sharing – Last Hand in submissions for Anthology
17 September Guest Workshop – Lynne ‘Magic Realism
01 October Follow up on Lynne’s workshop plus general sharing
15 October Guest workshop – Petra
05 November Follow up on Petra’s workshop plus General Sharing
19 November Guest Workshop – Elizabeth
03 December Follow up on Elizabeth’s workshop plus General Sharing
17 December Pens Members Christmas Outing TBA (date subject to amendment)

This programme is subject to change
but all alterations notified via email OR
Press the
button on any page
to get all the updates and news as it happens !


10 Responses to Meetings Schedule 2019

  1. Kathryn says:

    Really good fun meeting 18th November who would have guessed refuse collection could bring out so much frivolous creativity. Must delve into rubbish more often.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kate says:

    First half of 2016 looks good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Kate and it can only get better with the great group of members that can hopefully bring in new ones too!


      • Kate says:

        Is abduction allowed? On numerous occasions I have chatted to people and they have seemed interested, to the point of saying that they would turn up at the next meeting (one or two local enough to me that I offered a lift) but have never been seen. Perhaps I scared them but who can tell? Maybe kidnap/abduction is the way to go. (in case you missed the obvious….only joking) 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. You know Kate, I think that might be the best idea we have had….also joking….perhaps! There has to be a way!


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