Constructive Critique

Can you help our members improve their writing with constructive critique?

Several of our authors have asked if we can use this section of the Pens blog to post pieces of work so that anyone interested can read their work and then give feedback, directly to the author if they have requested it or back to the group via the Pens email address.

This is a new venture so please treat it kindly and see how we can develop it into a useful tool.

  • The posts will be in PDF format as they are intended for reading and comment and nothing more.
  • Click on the link to go to the specific piece
  • Please read the outline to put the piece into context
  • Please follow the method of reply, thank you.

North African Genocide – by Dr. Val Inchley

Exodus 1:1 – 2:10 – The Birth of Moses

I grew up in North Africa.  My family, like many others, had migrated there generations earlier.  At first, we’d been welcomed and lived in beautiful houses with big gardens, but recently the regime had changed – dramatically.  ……. continue reading

Please send your feedback and constructive comments to the group email:

Sudan – by Petra Rohr-Rouendaal

This is an extract from a memoire  about her work in the Sudan.
Although Petra is relatively new to writing, she has added what is a delightful skill to her wide-ranging repertoire in of many artistic disciplines……. continue reading