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Medical Story Challenge – Nori

Bill Fox on holiday Mr. and Mrs. Bill Fox both in their 50’s, had a 22 year old daughter Hellen, who lived in Australia. Hellen had just bought an apartment with her husband Tom that needed lots of renovations. As … Continue reading

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Medical story challenge – Shareen Rouvray

Ninziza Nkundu was worried.  She had washed, pounded and strained the cassava, then ground the sorghum into flour to make the daily ration of the meal they all ate most days after her son and his brothers and sisters returned … Continue reading

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Medical story challenge – David Rollason

Global warming, is it really a myth? The aging stacks of peat standing next to the stone wall of the single roomed cottage, seemed to lean sadly into themselves a little more each day, now lifeless and unrequired. Although the … Continue reading

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Medical story challenge – Elizabeth Ginger

Gloria’s struggle Last year Gloria’s husband, Jim, died suddenly.  He just sat up in bed one day and was gone.  She called 999, of course, and the paramedics were brilliant, but nothing they did could save him. “It was a … Continue reading

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Medical story challenge – Dr Val Inchley

Stipulatons for inclusion: Male – 5 yrs old – Acid Attack – Lausanne, Switzerland Dhane gripped his father’s hand as tightly as he had done Binimaya’s on that fateful day back in Kathmandu… He’d cried when his mother had explained … Continue reading

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JAWAN – Back to Front

This is a marvellous short story by one of Pens very talented creative writers, Val Inchley, enjoy. Brrr – brrr, brrr – brrr It wasn’t until the noise had shrilled 20 times in his ear and the empty house that … Continue reading

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Can you offer constructive critique?

You might like to check out the writing of Pens members who have submitted their work for consideration by other writers and readers. The latest, from Dr. Val Inchely, a short independent story – based on the original in the … Continue reading

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Merrily Ablaze

More thoughts on the Bonfire season All around the flames flicked like serpent’s tongues. Leaping like fiery demons seeking out crevices where their heat had yet to reach. Fluidity spreading covering ever-wider territory, oozing seeping. Then a last searing explosion … Continue reading

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15 minute sketch on Magical Realism

During a recent mini workshop at the Pens group, this was Irenes ‘on the spot’ writing exercise. Standing at a bus stop near the Fire Station in Birmingham on a chill, blustery day, was a hungry mature art student, being … Continue reading

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Writers of all things will find this useful

Hi all, I have been following the blog linked below for some time and can highly recommend it to all writers. The insight, hints and tips are fascinating, instructive and answered many of my questions about all manner of literary … Continue reading

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