Meeting Report 06 June 2017

Creativity off the scale once more at today’s meeting.

The main part of the meeting was devoted to hearing members creative writing. We were entertained by wonderful stories both factual and imaginative. These reflected what talented writers we have in the group.

Petra’s short story was based in Germany on a true story of when she was 18yrs old involving a world yo-yo champion.  Brilliantly told of love found and given up, very poignant. We hope to see it being published some day.

Val gave a new perspective to the Jonah and the Whale bible on myth and superstition of the cause of the great storm and the consequences of such a story from a sailor’s point of view who was only 16yrs old and learning the trade. It was very thought-provoking.

Elizabeth’s story was a sequel to her  dinner party story where she and her cat Chairman, invited an ordinary man, Hitler and Mother Theresa  as her guests. In this one they all received an invitation  from Hitler and Ava  to stay at their home, The Eagle’s Nest. Her story of interaction between the participants was both thought-provoking, humorous and quite whimsical. Were they really in the 21st century? You decided. Wonderful.

Christine shared her true experience when travelling in India and touring the ‘Golden Triangle’. It gave us an insight as to the trials and tribulations of requiring assistance on such a trip. The magical time she saw a real Bengal tiger was an awesome experience for her and her trip ended happily

Karen as ever was writing about crime and this one started with interaction between a team of detectives one called Rollo being quite a ‘toxic’ character’ who seem to be in the habit of losing his partners and had gained the title of ‘death angel’! The interplay of dialogue between the characters was very good as no one wanted to be his partner. Dark and mysterious as ever. Karen had written it for a crime story competition. We wish her all the best in the competition

Nori gave us his very descriptive account of his journey to England from India. Part of the journey involving travelling on steam trains, his observation of passengers passing along the corridor and an encounter with another passenger who was  a young lady with blonde hair and a short mini skirt, not to be seen in India. We await the next instalment  as he relates well to the new sights and experiences of travelling for the first time to and in the UK.

So it was a great afternoon full of humour, pathos, amazing adventures and experiences of life changing proportion.

Thank you to all who participated in sharing their writing. What an amazing group of writers we have in our Pens group. It was great fun and so interesting so thanks again.


Next meeting 20th June where creative writing challenges will be given.

The group was informed of the new date for the music festival in Erdington from 15th July and now taking place on 22nd July. We are waiting on the Town Manager as to whether we could have a stall and if there is a cost involved. I confirmed we would like to launch our anthology on Erdington and perform some of our writings. Members were requested to confirm whether they would be able to attend that day. Names to be given to David at the next meeting. I also asked for names to whom we could invite assuming there would be elected members attending etc. Also publicity on our activities that day too. This would be confirmed at the next meeting.

It was confirmed that the Gas Street Basin visit would take place on Tuesday 18th July details to be confirmed.

Val read out a letter  from her friend Janet Loverseed who thanked the group for the lovely presents we gave to her. Janet had given a very interesting workshop on Getting Published, at our previous meeting and had her latest pamphlet for sale. Highly recommended.

Other notices from the members were:

Petra was organising an Art Trail around Sutton Coldfield weekend 24th/25th June. Local artists were participating and their work would be available to purchase. There would also be workshops so look out for leaflets at libraries and there would be children’s activities etc.

We welcomed Wendy to our Group who may become a new member at our next meeting.

 Jude, Group facilitator.

About David Rollason

I am a writer, creative, inventive, observant, but the results are for you the reader to decide. There are things in my head constantly that I need to get out and into a readable form and this for now is my preferred medium. I am a simple being with complex workings. I am a complex being with simple logic. I am really just..... me.
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